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June 14, 2019

Color vs. Black & White

I have always loved the effect of a good black and white image! The work of Ansel Adams has inspired me (and many others) from the beginning of my photography journey. There is something special about how taking the color from an image can highlight the emotion of the moment, or show the light in a different way, or draw your eye to a different part of the image than you might notice if it were in color. A well composed black and white can be breathtaking.

One thing I’ve struggled with though, being a digital photographer and a less than decisive person, is choosing whether to deliver an image in black and white or in color. Often wondering to myself which is best for that particular image. Which is more compelling? Which will my client love more? More often than not I’ve just delivered both.

Just for the fun of it, let’s play a game! Below are a few images in color and in black & white. Which do you prefer?

Side note; how adorable is this mischievous nephew of mine?!

See where this might be challenging?!

I was inspired by my good friend and fellow Minnesota photographer, Eric Vest, to try something new. I am now delivering my clients’ entire galleries in color and in black and white. All of them. The first part of your gallery will be entirely in color, and then every single image will also be in the second half of your gallery in black and white. Because decisions are hard and options are fun!

What do you think? Do you love a good black and white? Leave a reply and let me know your thoughts!

xo, Nikole

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