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Happy New Year!!!! Who else is super excited to see what this next year brings?! First, though, I wanted to take just a minute here to look back on and appreciate the past year. 2018 was a big one. I did a lot of growing, working, adventuring and learning. I guess that could be said […]

I’m not very good at this blogging thing, but I can’t pass up an opportunity to share some of my favorite images from this past year! 2018 has been one for the books. As I look back on all that has happened, words fail me. I was honored to photograph some of the most precious […]

It may have been Elyse in her red snowsuit that caught Ryan’s eye, but it was the dogs that gave them a reason to talk to each other. Talk about some adorable match-makers! That day in the dog park, it’s unclear what exactly was said or who made the first move, but what is perfectly clear […]

Plans are funny things. They can go wonderfully and make you so happy that you took the time to set them up. Or they can go completely awry and leave you starting from square one. The fun thing about life is that you never really know which way it’s going to go. Plans NOT going […]

Liz is one of the cutest high-school graduates you will ever meet! Don’t let her sweet smile fool you though, she’s an extra lovable firecracker! I’ve had the privilege of knowing her since the day she was born, and while I cannot believe we have reached this phase in her life it was an honor […]

Rachel and Dane’s engagement session was everything that is romantic, joyful, and classy! We chose to meet at Normandale Lake, in Bloomington MN, because they told me that is where Dane proposed. Once we were there I got to hear the whole story! He not only popped the question in a place that held happy […]

I cannot believe how quickly time flies!! I know it’s a cliche thing to say, but the last couple of months have absolutely flown by! I have been back in MN for all of 16 hours and already miss hot sunshine and the ocean breeze. I have so much to share, and updates to give, […]

It is always an honor to photograph a couple’s wedding day, but this first wedding I’m going to share was extra special since the bride is my cousin! Rachel and Luke’s Palmer, Alaska wedding was the stuff that mountain-lovers dreams are made of. I mean, does it get any better than a historic log church at the […]

I walked up to Shelby because she was standing alone, and I really liked her glasses. Little did I know what an amazing person I was about to meet, and what an inspiring conversation we were about to have! After being totally honest about my challenge and why I struck up a conversation out the […]

Warning! Vulnerable post here! I wasn’t going to share this with the world, but have decided that maybe it will help someone out there. ❤️   Three days ago I had a conversation with someone that I highly respect and admire, and asked his advice on overcoming insecurities. (Surprise! I’ve got a bunch! ????) His […]