It is always an honor to photograph a couple’s wedding day, but this first wedding I’m going to share was extra special since the bride is my cousin! Rachel and Luke’s Palmer, Alaska wedding was the stuff that mountain-lovers dreams are made of. I mean, does it get any better than a historic log church at the […]

Why am I excited?! Because there are so many great things in the works for this year that I can hardly believe it’s my life! The biggest of which is that I am have made the decision to transition to full time with photography!! This week marks my last at Watkins Family Chiropractic. For more than […]

I walked up to Shelby because she was standing alone, and I really liked her glasses. Little did I know what an amazing person I was about to meet, and what an inspiring conversation we were about to have! After being totally honest about my challenge and why I struck up a conversation out the […]

Warning! Vulnerable post here! I wasn’t going to share this with the world, but have decided that maybe it will help someone out there. ❤️   Three days ago I had a conversation with someone that I highly respect and admire, and asked his advice on overcoming insecurities. (Surprise! I’ve got a bunch! 🙂) His […]

Natalie graduated last spring, and I had the privilege of taking her senior portraits! We chose to break her session into two mini sessions to best depict her personality and interests. We did one very feminine mini session earlier in the summer, and a hunting themed session later on in the fall. Natalie was a trooper; […]

  Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to check out my brand new little corner of the web!            Have you ever felt like you have most certainly bitten off more than you could chew? Last week I sure did! I’m about as far from a technologically gifted person as […]

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